Sponsorship and Donation Guidelines
January 3, 2024

Our Co-op was built to serve, grow and invest in our community. That’s why we return our profits to local members and support the causes that matter to you.

Please read the following Sponsorship and Donation Guidelines below prior to filling out your online application to ensure you are eligible.

  1. Our primary focus is to support organizations that are within Homestead Co-op's trading area, including in the communities we serve: Austin, Carman, La Salle, MacGregor, Oakville, Portage la Prairie and Treherne.
  2. Priority is given to organizations that support Homestead Co-op.
  3. Co-op donations are intended for organizations, not individuals.
  4. Applications from non-Co-op members will not be considered. Visit our Membership page for more information.
  5. Applications must be received through our Do Some Good platform on our website accessed through our Co-op in the Community page.
  6. Recipients must provide a report to Homestead Co-op on the success of the program, how the funds were used and the impact the funds had on the program. This report shall be provided within one week of completion of the program or project using our Community Impact Form. Failure to fill this form out could result in not being approved for support in future years.
  7. Co-op is unable to subsidize partisan organizations. Co-op can support religious organizations provided they are for community services offered on a nondenominational basis.
  8. Co-op prefers to support youth sports leagues as opposed to individual teams.
  9. Recipient organizations are typically eligible a maximum of once per year.
  10. As donation funds are limited, past support of an organization or event does not guarantee future support.
  11. Requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks from date of donation needed to be considered.
  12. Please remember that we receive many donation and sponsorship requests. Unfortunately, it is impossible to fill every request due to limited financial resources and the many communities that we serve. Our decisions are based on the recipient’s support with Homestead Co-op and the number of people who will benefit.
  13. Groups that have either cancelled late, no-showed, failed to recognize Homestead Co-op as agreed or had performance issues when in-store may not be considered for future dates.
  14. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  15. Please note that we will only accept applications for donations and sponsorships that are filled out using the Homestead Co-op Sponsorship and Donation Application form on our website. You may attach your written letter and sponsorship package if available.
  16. Homestead Co-op will provide additional consideration to causes that allow us to promote Homestead Coop's contribution to the success of your cause.
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