Homestead Co-op General Manager, Trent Schidlowsky (left), presents $30,000 donation to Eric DeLong, President of the Oakville Community Club
Homestead Donated $30,000 to Oakville Community Centre
April 5, 2024

We are pleased to announce Homestead Co-op has donated $30,000 to the development of the new Oakville Community Centre, with the Centre agreeing to name the kitchen of the new building the “Homestead Co-op Community Kitchen”. This donation solidifies Homestead Co-op's dedication to fostering vibrant and inclusive community spaces.

About the Centre

The Oakville Community Centre project aims to provide a multifunctional hub where residents can gather, participate in recreational activities, and engage in various community events. This initiative aligns perfectly with Homestead Co-op's core values, emphasizing the importance of community building and enhancing quality of life for all.

Enhancing Community Life

Trent Schidlowsky, General Manager here at Homestead Co-op, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership and the positive impact it will have on the Oakville community: "At Homestead Co-op, we believe in the power of co-operative efforts and enhancing community life. The Oakville Community Centre will serve as a great place for social interaction, recreational pursuits, and childcare, enriching the lives of residents for generations. We are proud to support this endeavor and look forward to witnessing its transformative effects."

“The Oakville Community Club is extremely excited to accept this donation from Homestead Co-op. Large projects like this aren't feasible without strong support from businesses like Homestead. Oakville and the surrounding community will benefit from this facility for decades, thanks in large part to the support from local businesses. We are very appreciative of Homestead's generosity,” stated Eric DeLong, President of the Oakville Community Club.

The donation was presented to the Oakville Community Centre development team on April 2, 2024, marking Homestead Co-op's commitment to the project. Homestead Co-op encourages other businesses and community members to join in supporting the Oakville Community Centre, recognizing the collective impact that collaborative efforts can achieve in enhancing local amenities and fostering a strong sense of belonging.