Extra service at no extra cost! Gas Bar locations in Austin, Carman, MacGregor and Portage.
Homestead Co-op Gas Bars
November 16, 2020

Extra Service At No Extra Cost

Extra Service at No Extra Cost is a service our members and customers can rely on; knowing that you will receive unmatched service during every step of your Co-op experience. From the pumps to the convenience store, our employees are here to serve members and customers and make every experience at Co-op a great one!

Homestead Co-op Gas Bars

We’ll pump your gas, check your oil and wash your windows while you help yourself to a treat for the road. Here at Homestead Co-op, we pride ourselves on going that extra mile for you, providing extra service at no extra cost. The exceptional service customers can expect at our gas bars is what makes us different from the rest. While fueling up, treat yourself to a beverage or snack of your choice. We offer an excellent selection of convenience items to complement your busy lifestyle.

Touchless Car Washes

Did you know we have two touchless car wash locations in Portage la Prairie? They're located at our Marketplace and River Road Gas Bars. Our powerful car wash facilities are gentle on your car and provide a complete clean – even the underside.

Car Wash App

Driving past our gas bar and realize your vehicle could use a wash? Just tap the app and buy a wash! It’s convenient, it’s contactless and you never have to leave your vehicle.

Earn loyalty rewards for washing your car and use them to get free washes at Homestead Co-op! The Co-op car wash app is available now and FREE to download for Apple and Android users.

A Sustainable Car Wash

Washing your car is an important part of maintaining the longevity of your vehicle. When you visit a Co-op Car Wash, you’re making a choice that is good for your car and reduces your environmental impact.

Co-op Car Washes use high-quality Turtle Wax products that protect and shine your vehicle. All Turtle Wax products are ECOLOGO® Certified, which means they have undergone rigorous scientific testing to comply with strict environmental performance standards.

Co-op has taken even more steps to ensure a sustainable water treatment takes place to protect water systems from oil, petroleum, salts and other chemicals from being released after a vehicle has been washed. This protects aquatic life and waterways.

Waterwaste from your car wash passes through a series of underground settling tanks to capture oil and grease. Any remaining solids settle to the bottom and the clean water may be released into the sewage system for further treatment. Wastewater from the car wash is not released into storm drains.

When you wash your vehicle at Co-op Car Wash you are doing your part to protect the environment. Please don't wash it in your driveway.

Regular Wash

Enjoy all the views of those summer and fall road trips with a bug-free windshield, courtesy of Co-op! Our Regular Wash includes:
  • Seasonal bug prep
  • Undercarriage high-pressure rinse
  • High-pressure side blasters
  • 2-step hot soap bath
  • Soft water rinse
  • Clear coat protectant and spot-free rinse
  • An end-of-cycle dryer so your car is ready to hit the road drip-free

Premium Wash

Co-op's Premium Wash is a great choice for any time of year, cleaning up bugs in the summer and mud in the spring. A spin through Premium will remove salt and protect your vehicle's undercarriage in the winter months, too. The Premium Wash includes Regular Wash features plus:
  • Extended high-pressure underbody rinse and side blasters
  • Rust inhibitor to better protect your vehicle
  • Tire and wheel cleaner
  • TURTLE WAX® Triple Shine polishing wax

Extreme Wash

Extreme protection for your vehicle is necessary in the harsh winter months. When sand, salt and de-icing liquids stick to your vehicle, it can cause rust and corrosion to the body, exhaust system, and brake and gas lines.

The Extreme Wash also provides protection in the summer months from wind, sand, debris and UV rays. Co-op's Extreme wash will keep your ride protected no matter the weather.

Get extreme protection with Co-op's Extreme Wash, complete with these features:
  • All of the Premium Wash features
  • Turtle Wax Pro ICE® Instant Shine that bonds and seals the vehicle's surface to provide the ultimate protection and an extreme shine

Platinum Wash

Co-op’s Platinum Wash has all the Premium Wash features, plus:
  • Extra hot soap bath
  • Extra high-pressure rinse
So ride on through with a regular, premium, extreme or platinum wash. Visit our Marketplace and River Road Gas Bars today for more details on wash packages and pricing.

Gas Bar Locations

We have several gas bar locations in Southwestern Manitoba, including in Carman, Portage la Prairie, Austin & MacGregor. Want to get in touch?

  • Carman Gas Bar: 204-745-6701
  • Portage la Prairie Marketplace Gas Bar: 204-856-2100
  • Portage la Prairie River Road Gas Bar: 204-856-2102
  • Austin Gas Bar: 204-637-3065
  • Macgregor Gas Bar: 204-685-2355
  • Oakville Cardlock: 204-267-2611
See all of our location info on our Hours page.

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