Gift Card Fundraising Program
June 1, 2021

Homestead Co-op's Gift Card Fundraising program helps local community groups, teams, clubs, and non-profits raise funds to support their activities and operations. For the purposes of this program, local is defined as groups operating within Homestead Co-op's trading area.

We have spots in our Gift Card Fundraising program for 10 groups per year. Groups receive 10% back to a maximum purchase of $10,000 per group per fundraising annum for a total maximum fundraising total of $1,000 per annum per group. In the case of this program, the fundraising annum is February 1st- January 31st. Applications may be accepted throughout the year until the program is full.

Important for all Applicants

Please read our Sponsorship and Donation Guidelines prior to filling out your online application to ensure you are eligible.

Recipients must also provide a report to Homestead Co-op on the success of the program, how the funds were used and the impact the funds had on the program. This report shall be provided within one week of completion of the program or project using our Community Impact Form. Failure to fill this form out could result in not being approved for support in future years.


We welcome applications from:

  • Non-profit/registered charitable organizations exempt from taxation under the Canada Income Tax Act, whose programs and services benefit our community
  • Not-for-profit community groups and youth organizations (Non-registered are also considered)
  • For-profit businesses are not eligible for this program, nor are any registered charities, non-profit groups, and community organizations operating outside Homestead Co-op's trading area. Organizations requesting a fundraising gift card order must be approved by Homestead Co-op prior to any order being fulfilled.
  • Please note that someone on your fundraising team must have a Co-op membership to participate in this program, and that your group’s purpose should align with our Co-op’s values: Integrity | Excellence | Responsibility

How it works

  • Receive 10% back to a maximum purchase of $10,000 per group per fundraising annum for a total maximum fundraising total of $1,000 per annum per group.
  • Pre-sell Co-op Gift Cards to your community supporters.
  • Send us a summary of your sales using the request form attached below and we’ll invoice you for the discounted total.
  • Give us your payment for your total order.
  • Pick up and deliver your gift cards!
  • Gift cards are available in amounts of $25, $50, $100, and can be redeemed at any participating Co-op location in Western Canada.

Program Details

  • The minimum gift card order is $1,000 per fundraiser.
  • Groups must provide payment in the form of a cheque from the organization. Personal cheques, cash, and credit cards are not accepted.
  • Fundraising groups must be approved by Homestead Co-op to participate in the program. Individuals, government agencies, profit-based organizations, third-party fundraising campaigns and groups that may have an adverse environmental impact are ineligible to participate.
  • Equity is not earned on fundraising gift card orders.
  • Groups can participate in our Gift Card Fundraising program once per fiscal year.


Your Co-op will undertake the following:

  • Review timelines for fundraising and payment with the organizer.
  • Ensure gift cards are ready for group one week after Sales Summary Form and payment has been received.
  • Answer your questions relating to the program.

You will undertake the following:

  • Maintain a single point of contact for Co-op and keep in contact. This is Homestead's Marketing and Communications Manager, Shannon Vaughan: or 204-745-2073.
  • The contact person identified will be the single point of contact for the program and will be the only authorized representative for discussing fundraising specifics after approval.
  • Positively represent Homestead Co-op as your fundraising partner.
  • Collect forms and payment from your group after fundraising.
  • Complete the Fundraising Gift Card Request Form along with one cheque payable to your Co-op for your percentage of final gift card sales. A cheque payable to Homestead Co-op must be included with the gift card’s Fundraising Gift Card Request Form when handed in.
  • Distribute gift cards in timely manner.
  • All orders for the 2024 program must be in no later than January 24th, 2025.

Apply Here

By applying, you acknowledge the gift cards you will be purchasing will be used solely for non-profit fundraising within the Homestead Co-op trading area. You understand fundraising gift cards are redeemable on products purchased in-store, and a maximum of nine (9) cards can be redeemed per transaction for food store or gas bar purchases.

Homestead Co-op uses Do Some Good to power their application forms. Apply Here!

Save and use the Gift Card Fundraising Request Form attached below to send in gift card orders following your approval into the program. 

We Are Co-op

Homestead Co-op, like other community-minded businesses, receives numerous requests for donations. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks to review your requests and respond. Homestead Co-op works hard to assist in as many community organizations as possible, however due to the high volume of requests received, not all worthwhile proposals will be approved. Such a response does not reflect upon the value of your organization and the valuable service you provide.

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