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Our friendly cashier Elizabeth, from our Portage Food Store
Co-op Food
January 17, 2019

Our Homestead Co-op food stores can meet your grocery needs, all while offering service with a smile! Visit us in Carman, La Salle, Portage la Prairie, and Treherne for a vast selection of food products. We have a wide variety of national, store brand and local items. As a member, you earn equity on your food and prescription purchases. Our members earned 3% on their food purchases and 5% on their full prescription amount based on their purchases in 2022.

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We are pleased to offer our customers fresh quality produce from professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff. We locally source seasonal products. Stop in and see the fresh, colorful displays today!


Our professional meat cutters are available to provide a wide range of products - from thick, tender steaks to succulent chops. There is a wide range of products ready for the BBQ. 


For your quick meal solution or your fresh and tasty food options, stop by our deli department. The deli has a wide variety of brand name products, as well as products made in-store. Check out our 'Chicken Coop' for some fried chicken at our Carman and Portage locations!


Walk in to our bakery and be greeted by the welcoming aroma of freshly baked goods. We offer freshly baked breads, buns, pastries, muffins, cookies and cakes - and more! The only place better than our bakery is mom’s kitchen.

Homestead Co-op Food Stores

If you are wanting to order your groceries online, please see our online grocery delivery and pickup form, or visit for pick-up or delivery at our Carman and Portage Food Stores. Call your local Food Store for delivery details.

Carman | 204-745-2544 | e-mail:
Homestead Co-op Pharmacy @ Carman | 204-745-3602

Portage  | 204-856-2135 | e-mail:
Homestead Co-op Pharmacy @ Portage | 204-239-0458

La Salle | 204-736-3011 | e-mail:

Treherne | 204-723-2208 | e-mail:

Co-op Food Store Brands

Co-op delivers high-quality products from a variety of national brands as well as our own private-label brands.

For information about our store brands, please visit our Store Brands website.

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