Bulk Petroleum and Lubricants
March 10, 2021

Co-op is known for its high-quality fuel and premium lubricant products. These products are engineered for the most demanding environments your vehicle or equipment will see; the high temperatures of summer or the extreme cold Western Canada sees in winter.

Homestead Co-op Has You Covered

If you are in the need of Bulk Petroleum or Lubricants, Homestead Co-op has you covered. From Grease to D-MO Oil to Drive Train and Hydraulic Fluid. See our Spec Sheet attachments at the bottom of the page for more details.

Give us a call, and if you can't make it into town, WE DELIVER! Call us at 204-745-8626.

Bulk & Consumer Oil

Homestead Co-op can supply your Farm or Business with all your transmission, hydraulic, gear, gas or advanced formal diesel engine bulk and consumer oil requirements. Homestead Co-op's oil provides superior performance, meeting or exceeding current API service classifications.

The Homestead Co-op family of products come in the container size that fits your needs, from a single litre to 1,000 litre cube. Bulk oil delivery is also available.


CO-OP® Diesel Fuel is formulated in both summer and winter grades. Regular Co-op Diesel fuels may contain up to five per cent biodiesel (B5) to meet government mandates. Biodiesel allows for a reduction in tail-pipe emissions and reduced greenhouse gas production.


Co-op has been manufacturing and distributing lubricants in Western Canada for more than 65 years. Co-op offers a wide selection of products designed to service the agricultural, forestry, commercial, construction and automotive markets. All Co-op lubricants are manufactured with select base oils and modern chemistry to provide your equipment with complete protection in all operating conditions. Our lubricants are proudly manufactured in Western Canada and locally available at retail co-ops.


For information about Co-op’s fuels, lubricants and greases, please visit the Co-op Fuel and Lubricant Products page.

Material Safety Data Sheets

To perform an online search for Material Safety Data Sheets, visit the online portal.

Get in Touch

For your Bulk Petroleum and Lubricant needs, contact:
Kelly Gerbrandt
Petroleum & Lubricant Sales Coordinator
Phone: 204-745-8626 or e-mail: kelly.gerbrandt@homestead.crs

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