Upgraded facility, located just off the Trans-Canada Highway 1A W in Austin
Agro Facility Upgrade
April 28, 2022

Austin Agro Fertilizer Blending Facility

 Homestead Co-op members and customers will have access to an upgraded blending facility and fertilizer shed at our Agro site in Austin, Manitoba.

The renovations and upgrade of the facility, located just off the Trans-Canada Highway 1A W in Austin have been completed!

“Homestead’s aim is for our local growers and producers needs to be met,” said Trent Schidlowsky, General Manager of Homestead Co-op. “We believe in investing locally and are excited for the opportunity to upgrade our offering and serve even more of our members and guests in our community.”

Homestead Co-op Board President, Lorne Hulme, added, “Homestead members have continued to invest in their Co-op. We see the value in this investment made back in agriculture. Our board of directors have done their due diligence and support this direction. We recognize the importance for us to evolve to serve our communities.”

Homestead Co-op’s Agro Manager, Nicole Blyth, said, “We are excited for this project as we know the benefits it will provide to our members. The reduced wait times and ability to offer specialty products will allow producers more flexibility.”

The newly upgraded blending facility and fertilizer shed will also feature increased capacity allowing for a wider range of fertilizer products available to their members and customers.

This project is subject to environmental and regulatory approvals.

New blending Facility features:

  • Equipped with a liquid impregnation system.
  • The new blending system will substantially speed up our outload capacity.
  • Capability to offer specialty products such as Super U, ESN or Tiger XP.

(Top: Current Facilities  Bottom: Planned Upgrade)

For more information on upgrades to the Austin agricultural blending facility:

Nicole Blyth, CCA-PP, AIT
Agro Manager
Homestead Consumers Co-op
Office: 204-637-3030
Cell: 204-871-4591
Email: nicole.blyth@homestead.crs

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