Gift Card Fundraising
January 18, 2021

Homestead Co-op's Gift Card Fundraising program helps local community groups, teams, clubs, and non-profits raise funds to support their activities and operations. Our Gift Card Fundraising program has seen much success over the years. We recently have made improvements to make the experience better for you.


Co-op gift cards ordered for the purposes of fundraising are only available to local registered charities, non-profit groups, and community organizations. For the purposes of this program, local is defined as groups operating within Homestead Co-op's trading area.

For-profit businesses are not eligible for this program, nor are any registered charities, non-profit groups, and community organizations operating outside Homestead Co-op's trading area.

Organizations requesting a fundraising gift card order must be approved by Homestead Co-op prior to any order being fulfilled.

We have spots in our Gift Card Fundraising program for 10 groups total per year. The maximum amount approved groups can purchase is $10,000 which equates to a $1,000 donation to the group per fundraising annum. In the case of this program, the fundraising annum is February 1st- January 31st. Applications for the following year are accepted between December 1st and January 31st.


Receive 10% back to a maximum purchase of $10,000 per group per fundraising annum for a total maximum fundraising total of $1,000 per annum per group.

The discount will be applied upon group approval and receipt of full payment of Co-op gift card order. The discount is dependent upon on the total dollar value of Co-op gift cards purchased at one time. Co-op gift card purchases cannot be combined over the course of the fundraising annum.


Orders must be paid for by cash, group cheque, or debit.

Gift cards are available in any size denominations (to a maximum of $500 per gift card).

Homestead Co-op requires a minimum of one weeks notice on all Co-op gift card orders, and fulfillment timelines may vary in peak season.

Equity is not earned on any fundraising gift card orders.

Fundraising gift cards are only redeemable on products purchased in-store. Maximum nine (9) cards can be redeemed per transaction for food store or gas bar purchases only.

Gift Card Fundraising Program Application

Download the attachment below, fill in, then e-mail to, mail or drop off in person per the instructions at the top of the gift card application form. Applications for the following year are accepted between December 1st and January 31st.

Please contact Homestead Co-op’s Marketing & Member Relations Coordinator, Shannon, with questions by email: or phone: 204-745-2073.