Fuel Good by filling up your tank on September 19th!
Fuel Good Day 2023
August 4, 2023

Thank you for helping us Fuel Good!

On Tuesday, September 19, 2023, 10 ¢ per litre of fuel was shared between our local Fuel Good Day recipients.

Our 2023 recipients were Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Plains, Carman Community Pathway & PCRC — for a Wheelchair Accessible Swing in Portage.

Carman Community Pathway

The Carman Community Pathway Organization is a volunteer committee that works closely with the Town of Carman and the RM of Dufferin to provide a community trail for recreation, today and tomorrow with minimal impact on nearby ecosystems for generations. They ensure the pathway is safe, accessible, and well-maintained trail for all users. The pathway expands approx. 9 km throughout the community and has been developed through areas of bush, water, residential and commercial sections and combines paved sections along with gravel trails. This enables all pedestrians access to all areas of the town which promotes physical activity and provides a safe space for all users. Whether you bike to school or to baseball practice this project provides a low to no-cost means of safe travel. This pathway allows for all users of any background, age, and culture to enjoy and connect with each other in a safe common space; this allows citizens and visitors to enjoy the great outdoors and no limitations or expectations for using the community pathway.

The pathway committee is committed in being all inclusive and if granted, wish to use the proceeds from the Fuel Good Day for enough benches/seats to go along the pathway to accommodate all users and their abilities. Their hope is to provide a small place to sit down every couple of hundred feet to allow users to rest a moment and gather their breath before continuing on their journey. The Carman Community Pathway strives to promote physical activity and growing tourism in our community.

Portage Community Revitalization Corp. for a Wheelchair Accessible Swing in Portage

The PCRC is assisting a local community member, Kim Wikdahl, who on her own is fundraising and applying for grants to buy Accessible Wheelchair Playground Park Equipment. It all started when Kim saw her neighbor assisting their young daughter (who is in a wheelchair) and she thought, "oh my, there is no wheelchair accessible playground equipment in this area, what can I do to help?" Kim did a presentation with city council and recruited PCRC to help her! Kim has already raised almost $5,000 on her own with business and private donations and a Cash Calendar Draw. She also has applied through the 150 Women Who Care Fund. The PCRC will continue to assist Kim with grants and fundraising endeavors. There is a trust account for this project.

Fuel Good Day would help Kim get closer to her goal of raising money for the Wheel Chair Accessible Swing. Fuel Good Days would also help bring awareness to the project and the need for wheelchair accessible equipment. Fuel Good Days would help those who utilize wheelchairs , walkers and canes be able to enjoy and join in with other family members while playing in the park.

Fuel Good days would also help increase physical activity and socialization (improve mental health), as getting outside and having access to outdoor equipment helps!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Plains

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Plains enables life-changing mentoring relationships to youth ages 6-18 focusing on having fun while building resilience and self-confidence. Through regular outings, a relationship is developed between the mentor and the mentee, which is built on trust and common interests, and is supported by their experienced case-workers. The result is a life-changing experience for both the mentor and the mentee.

The proceeds from Fuel Good Day would help support our mentoring programs by helping cover the cost of intake of volunteers and students which includes training for children, their families and the volunteers. Each match is provided with support throughout the year. They are currently looking for more mentors, especially male mentors. Find more information on their website.

With Gas Bars in Austin, Carman, MacGregor, Oakville and Portage, it's easy to FUEL GOOD!!!

Fueling good in your community since 2017!

Fuel Good Day on Sept. 20, 2022 was a success thanks to Co-op members and customers across Western Canada. Together, we raised $650K! Every year on Fuel Good Day, Co-op donates a minimum of five cents per litre of fuel purchased at participating gas bars to local charities and non-profits. 

There were 175 organizations selected as recipients for Fuel Good Day in 2022. A complete list of recipients can be found on the Fuel.CRS website.Over $3.65 million has been raised since the event began in 2017.

By supporting this worthwhile campaign, you continue to fuel 'good' in your local community!

In previous years, funds raised on Fuel Good Day have supported community organizations that provide comfort for children and their families during very difficult times, foundations that work to upgrade medical equipment to improve their patients’ lives and groups that make it easier for kids to play the sports they love.

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